Mobel designs, sells and promotes design furniture for public interiors. Mobel has successfully furnished various architecturally important, socially significant and well-known buildings. The Finland based company delivers furniture also in Europe, USA, the Middle East, Australia and Japan.

Mobel collection offers solutions for public areas such as auditoriums, concert halls, cultural centers, office buildings, universities and lounges. The design philosophy of the collection embodies the views of the designer without compromises. Mobel's furniture represents clean-cut and refined design heritage. The company's Head Designer and Artistic Director is Interior Architect, Professor Jouko Järvisalo, who has developed the collection since 1992.

The Mobel design has been honored with several awards both in Finland and around the world. Some of the products are part of the permanent collections in various countries.

Our designers

Jouko Järvisalo

Interior architect Jouko Järvisalo is a furniture designer working in his own studio in Helsinki. Since 1979, he has been designing furniture for several Finnish manufacturers including Asko, Artek, Inno and Mobel . He is also the head designer and artistic director at Mobel and he teaches furniture design at the Aalto University, School of Art and Design as well. Jouko Järvisalo has received several awards both in Finland and abroad. His work is presented in museums such as Designmuseo, Helsinki, Athenaeum, Chicago, Stedelijk, Amsterdam and The Icelandic Museum of Design and Applied Art, Reykjavik, among the others.

"Lightness and sensibility to silence are my aim. Design is the union of mind and matter. A piece of furniture is created when thinking meets with the material used, as a result of the pondering that takes place in the middle ground between handiwork and the machine"





Pentti Hakala

You cannot and you shouldn´t make haste in this work. The world is full of good ideas and I usually work on them for years before the producer even sees a scale model, pictures of a prototype. The idea of a chair is thoroughly examined many times before the actual product development can begin.